Comcast Special Offers Give You More Services For Less Cost

High speed Internet service has become one of the most important things to have in your home when it comes to getting access to all of the information and entertainment that you need in order to survive and thrive in today’s high tech world. The only problem with getting high speed Internet service in your home is determining what’s high speed and what isn’t. This is made more complicated by the fact that some companies try to sell any Internet service that’s faster than dial up as ‘high speed’ Internet access, when in reality existing Internet connection technologies represent a wide range of speed that ranges from only slightly faster than dial up all the way up to speeds that blur the line between what files are located on your computer and what files are located on the Internet.

Fortunately Comcast makes the choosing a high speed Internet service simple by providing download speeds that are the fastest available to residential Internet users, and a great value when compared to other types of Internet service. At download speeds of up to 8 megabytes per second, Comcast’s high speed Internet service is much faster than any competing technology. For example DSL speeds range from 268 kilobytes per second (which really isn’t that much faster than dial up) all the way up to 2 megabytes per second. That makes Comcast’s high speed Internet service up to four times faster than the fastest DSL and over thirty times faster than the slowest DSL. Satellite Internet has a similar range of speeds to DSL with speeds of up to 3 megabytes per second, has a built in time lag that makes it unsuitable for a number of uses like VoIP, video conferencing, and playing online multiplayer computer games. In spite of those shortcomings, satellite Internet is much more expensive than either DSL or Comcast’s high speed Internet service.

So what makes Comcast’s high speed Internet service so much better than that of its competitors? It’s very simple actually: superior technology. Comcast uses the same digital broad band cable technology that it uses to deliver high quality TV service to also provide the fastest Internet connection on the market right now! This actually makes a lot of sense when you think about the fact that TV programming is really just data, so anything that can transmit enough data to provide hundreds of TV channels can also provide plenty of bandwidth for Internet access as well. In short, this Internet service is an affordable way to get the fastest download speeds possible along with the reliability and quick response time of cable technology.

Of course, in addition to high speed Internet access, Comcast still uses this great cable technology to provide the best possible cable TV service. In this case, the best possible service means over two hundred and fifty channels in the largest programming package. These channels include all of America’s favorite national cable TV channels, premium movie packages from big names like HBO and Starz!, and HDTV channels. Every programming package also comes with video on demand services in the form of Comcast’s ON DEMAND pay per view service, all of your local channels, and lots of options for digital music for those times when you want entertainment but don’t care to stare at a screen.

In addition to these broad band cable based services, Comcast can also provide you with a great digital home phone service with all of the features that you need to keep in touch with family and friends while saving plenty of money in the process.

These services and features from Comcast make it the clear choice of high speed Internet access and a lot more!