Picking The Best Voice Over Ip Software Is As Evident As A-b-c

Admit it or not, compared to voice over internet protocol hardware phones, voice over internet protocol software telephones are a less expensive and offer benefits that are better especially in the area of computer telephony integration.

So how does one choose which Voice over IP software telephone is the best one?

Read up and study, just a bit though.

Primarily, you may have to investigate a bit on call protocol controls. Find out if the Voice over IP software telephone you are considering support the following formats: H.323, MGCP, SIP, IAX2. It is important that the software you are thinking to use support the system that you own.

Also, you may want to investigate the codecs that the Voice over IP telephone is compatible with. The following are a list of these: G.711, G732, G722, G727, G726, G729, G728, Speex, ILBC, GSM (Full or enhanced rate), DoS FS-1015.

Just how do you want your telephone?

The best determinant of what is “best for you” is yourself. Selecting the best Voice over IP software lies on just how it is you want your telephone to serve you.

Therefore the best Voice over IP software is one that provides or does not provide the following features: a do-not-disturb feature, customized ringtones.

Or check and see if these questions would ring a bell, if so, base your decisions on how many Yes or No answers you may have.

Do you feel the need to have a telephone that offers a way to skip routers?

Do you want a telephone that has STUN, QoS, compatibility? How about outbound SIP proxy? RTP Symmetric? telephone encryption?

User-friendliness tops

The ultimate Voice over IP software is one that you can use easily, conveniently and with little gobbledygook directions as possible. Or if there are any gobbledygook directions, these should be easily understandable especially if one has little background knowledge on technical stuff.

Is the price, right?

Consult with your wallet. Could it cover the charges it would take to obtain a Voice over IP telephone? But then, before asking, ask yourself. What do you want? Do you think you really should have that telephone option feature wherein that call you do not want to receive immediately gets a busy signal?

Assess your wants. If you heavily depend on Voice over IP and plan to use it as often as you could for those business communications with various clients or simply for your own use, avail of a software package that suits your needs, as well as your budget. The two will always be together.

However, if you think you will be utilizing Voice over IP for brief periods for your activities, avail of a software VoIP package that is cheaper.

There are a lot of options available out there that will suit your varied business and personal needs and wants. Admit it or not, there is even a voice over internet protocol telephone card available that lets anyone make a telephone call whenever and wherever they are in the world via dialing a number that is free. This method is perfect, especially for those who travel a lot and do business away from the home.

All in all, selecting a voice over internet protocol software is easy if one knows what one wants and what one needs. To help one make that crucial decision of which software is the best, simply consider the following: a voice over internet protocol software should always allow anyone to communicate clearly and express one?s self freely, without the hassle of garbled or problematic connection.